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PlayStation Portable 3000

Portable Playstation 3000The PSP 3000 made further modifications to its predecessor. Its weight and dimensions are much the same, but expanded multimedia capabilities and improved video output make it ideal for future generations. Sony has seen a steady increase in demand for its handheld video game consoles, and as with many of its other products, it has made a place for itself in the world of portable gaming.

Along with improvements to screen contrast and a change in location for Wi-Fi and memory cards, the PSP 3000 contains several important differences from the original PSP video game console model. The PSP 3000 offers improved brightness, decreased pixel response time, increased color range and the relocation of several buttons, such as the Home key.

The PSP 3000 game console utilizes 802.11b, IrDA and USB for internet connectivity. The PSP console is equipped with an embedded browser that allows for multi-tab web browsing and online game play. Content downloads are also available through both the PSP Network and other third parties.